Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wii Have a Problem

As the toys are disappearing, the books are hard to come by, and most outdoor toys have been sold or packed up, there isn't much to do around here for 6 lively kids. Our Wii is still connected, and probably will be one of the last things to be packed because G-d forbid, we wouldn't want to be without it any more time than we actually have to.

Now believe me, as a teacher I see first hand how detrimental video games can be to kids. I pride myself on our "No Screens on Weekdays" rule, but I have recently become lax with this, as the homework is dwindling, the days are longer, and the kids are generally bored with no parents on scene, just two maniacal packers who live with them and occasionally throw them some food.

It was only over shabbos that I noticed that we have a real problem. One very proud little boy came over to show me something he had built from these new kind of
Trio Blocks. It was a little wizard very obviously riding on a well designed dragon, something he had spent a good amount of time on. But there was a big block carefully, deliberately attached, obstructing the wizard's view.

Me: "Wow! Very cool! But what's this big block doing here? How can he see where he's going?"

Him: "It's his Wii, so he can play while he's riding."

Um, yeah. We are a little obsessed.

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