Thursday, June 10, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin!

I am kind of wondering what my real personality is. It's been forgotten or perhaps chucked into the "give away" bag. I don't remember who I am, or what I am supposed to be doing unless it is related to a move. Just sayin'...

SO....lots of people have been asking me when our flight is. For some reason I have been sketchy about the date, purposely leaving out details. "Soon!", or "It feels like we'll never be done in time!" or "Right around the corner!" are always my cheery, yet decidedly vague answers. I'm not sure why, but I have a hard time saying it out loud.

So, I figured to put it out here in the blogosphere and then that will be it...there is no turning back.

25 days

It's crazy, really. 3 weeks. We are flying out on July 4th. Way to declare our independence from the good 'ole US of A, right?

The packing is coming along. The schools have sent us official acceptance letters. The apartment has been anxiously awaiting us since June 1. The tickets have been paid for. The lift is in the works.

I remember this stage from the last time we did this. Around now is when we start to come out of our stupor and realize that the lift/flight is not the END, but rather a beginning. I'm sure the psyche does it this way, because this realization any earlier in the game would've sent me muttering incoherently into the nearest psych ward.

Thoughts now start to turn to:

"Well, nice that we are getting there at 7am, but how are we getting 9 (exhausted) people and 16 pieces of luggage to RBS?"

"Wait, we have no fridge/stove/beds once we get there...?"

"We could really crash by my in-laws, but who would do that to anyone when there will be 9 people bouncing off the walls at 3am?"

"Better bring Immodium for the first bout of "shilshul" from the initial reaction to the water."

But these thoughts I like. These thoughts have behind them the panoramic view from my new apartment of Harei Yehuda. These thoughts are bright and sunny with clear blue skies.

These thoughts mean I am already home.


SaraK said... are so organized. I need to make aliyah before the kids come around (IY"H). I feel like I will be way too overwhelmed otherwise.
Are you leaving from JFK?

Wendy said...

Soooon! So happy for you...