Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Four days and counting...

Wow. This is hard. 

I have been trying to stay positive over the past couple of weeks, but exhaustion/emotion is getting the better of me. The day that our lift left we just laid low and tried to tie up some loose ends. No matter how much we clean out of the house, there seems to be more and more stuff to get rid of. I find myself unable to spend more than an hour at a time there, or else I have a meltdown. TPH has been a real trouper about being stuck with the clean up and clearing out. At this point we're hiring a crew to clean and finish up.

He spent most of the day over there while I took some kids for shoes, repacked 16 pieces of luggage and chased my little terrorist around with much help from Uncle S. Toilet Turnout for today: 2 pancakes (repeatedly dipped and licked), a lone baby carrot, and a few balls. Oh, and don't forget the screw that holds the screen door closed. Sounds crazy, but it sure beats yesterday's Nintendo DS and Bubby's cordless phone.

We also turned over the car to it's new owner today, as well as said goodbye to our two dogs. Only someone who has had a dog can really understand just how hard that can be. BAW wants to guest post about that, and I'm too emotional, so we'll let him. It was a hard day.  

The kids seem ok. A little out of sorts, but ok. We are heading off to my sister and brother-in-law in SI tomorrow. We are renting 2 SUVs and both driving down, and hoping that cuts it with all our luggage. It'll be a good send-off, we'll get to have a nice restful shabbos before we head off for our much dreaded anticipated flight. 

Tonight too was hard saying goodbye to all my chaburah friends. They gave me a beautiful card that made me cry as well as a gift certificate to a restaurant in RBS. Can't wait to use it and think of everyone. Just wish I could Skype and be at the chaburah every week. 

Wish us luck, my guess is that this is going to get harder before it gets easier.


Eli Meystel said...

I love you...I hate that Im not there but I love reading ur posts they really makes me feel like I am there.

NekudaTova said...

That's the point babe ;) Love you and miss you <3