Friday, June 18, 2010

So Throw Away Your Tape Gun...

Today it's all about food.

Last night, my oldest, 11 yr. old A, came to talk to me. Now, those of you who have 11 year old boys know that this in and of itself is something to stop and take note of. He looked resigned. You could tell he had decided not to yell or scream or even kvetch. This was a boy on a mission. He looked me right in the eye, and calmly, quietly said, "Imma, there is just no food in this house."

Something about the way he said it (the absolute resolve to rectify the situation?) has been on my conscience all day. So, after school this am, I ran to Weggie's to stock up. You can imagine that with almost a week to the lift, there really is no food. Unless of course, you can come up with something FAB from craisins, italian dressing and lots of mustard. Think Erev Pesach, but there is no matzah, no big sueda on the way :(

So, off I went for my "last" (yes, another one of those) big shopping before we leave. No, it was not emotional, just a bunch of people pushing and shoving each other at East Ave. during lunch break. While I was there, TPH texted me, "I am so hungry, my hands are shaking."

It's a little bit of a wake up call. I think it's a friendly reminder that we are moving, yes, but it cannot become who we are. It cannot consume us from morning until night. There still have to be meals on the table, there still has to be HW done, and lunches made. I've been getting lost amongst the madness. This epiphany could not come at a more perfect time: Erev Shabbos. The truth is that the Shabbosos since we've been mostly packed have been the best day of the week! We have time to sit and play games, tell stories, be parents.

So, as we head into our 3rd to last shabbos in the USA and only our 2nd to last in R, I plan to make it count. Not by heading out to shul or shiurim that I could really use at this point, but by being home, and being present. Putting some cut up fruit on the table, actually making a shabbos party.

It's time to say Good Shabbos...


SaraK said...

Love this. Beautiful. Shabbat Shalom.s

E said...

♫ food glorious food ♪
to the BWE who brings home the bacon (or rather, bbq chicken, corn on the cob, and salt potatoes) we all say thank you!

NekudaTova said...

HaHa, Thanks TPH ;) And Sara, miss you!! Come visit me "on the other side"