Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thank Yous and Goodbyes

I am terrible with goodbyes. If it were up to me, I would just leave under the cover of night so as not to have to deal with the emotions that come with saying goodbye.

During the last couple of moves, the hardest for me has always been the goodbyes to the caretakers (babysitters, gananot, teachers) of my kids. How can you adequately thank someone who has loved your child as her own? Who has taken your place for the better part of each day in teaching, caring, nurturing, and loving your child? What words or gifts can possibly express the gratitude that we have for these people in our lives?

The truth is that there are none. No words, no gifts, nothing comes close.

This time, I am in a special quandary. This time, some of my closet friends are also our babysitters and teachers. This time, I can technically "kill two birds with one stone" when I say goodbye, but am not sure how to even approach these goodbyes. We leave R and with R we'll leave a little piece of ourselves and our children with these wonderful people. 

Thank you all so much for everything you've done for us and our kids.


Jordana said...

ok, don't make me cry! I don't feel so sad, as I may see you in Israel sooner than in Roch! and facebook keeps us all connected...

shmunchkin said...

H'm..reminds me...I have a fantastic, caring, loving teacher to thank for teaching my lovely daughter for an entire year. Spent more time with her each day than I have! Don't know how she had time to teach amidst packing, selling, trashing, researching, and facebooking!! But she did, and we benefited so... as you said THANK YOU is not enough, but our deepest appreciation and gratitude! Hatzlacha Raba!!

NekudaTova said...

Jo, I think I even made myself cry with this one, but it's hard to keep track; there's been a lot of crying these days... :'(

Shmunch, Thank YOU! Really! You are doing something right over there at the Shmunchkins: every kid is amazing, BH!! Thank you so much for the words though :)