Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You Know You're Becoming Israeli When...

  • You plunk down a container of chummus, bag of fresh pita and some cucumbers and viola! Dinner is served!
  • Having anyone over for a meal requires much moving and dragging of tables and chairs (away from the wall, back to the wall). 
  • Four kids (on two bunks) sleep in one room. We call it The Barracks.
  • Buying school books is not just for college kids anymore.
  • Your kids are playing in the streets waaay after dark.
  • You don't think it's weird to sit in the dark with the blinds drawn until 4pm.
  • You don't even realize when you sweep the floor 4 times a day and wash it twice.  
  • When you ask your second grader to spell "Hat", he says "Hey, A, T." You don't notice until later. 
  • You stop complaining that every single school event goes from 5:30-8pm.
  • You throw down 150 shek ($43) on the complete leather bound Sherlock Homes for your son and don't bat an eyelash.
  • Every single one of your children have a Bimba injury. Simultaneously.
  • You get indignant when your Rav decides to give a shiur in English for the newcomers.
  • You just sweep out that giant beetle instead of running squealing for the nearest chair.
  • You look at your husband funny when he talks about putting down grass in the yard. Isn't that dirt serving us just fine?
  • 6AM is as good a wake up time as any.
  • Your brood is "freeeeezing!!!" and you look and it's down to a low 62 degrees outside.
  • When you do any kind of writing, you really aren't sure how to spell/write the basics sometimes.
  • You don't think twice about sending your 12 yr old son to school on a public bus.
  • Your 5 year old and his school go on strike.
  • You stop using the air conditioning through Chanuka.
  • The kids bring a bag of "shoko" (chocolate milk) and a roll for lunch.
  • The teachers have convinced you that yogurt and pretzels are "Junk Food".
  • You say things like, "Nu? B'Emet?" and your're not joking.
Yes, really.