Monday, June 28, 2010

Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away...

The lift has sailed! Well, it has definitely driven away, I would guess it hasn't quite set sail yet...

It was a thoroughly exhausting day, and we are barely awake. It started last night when, after just falling asleep after 2am, Demon Child Little Red decided to wake up screaming in our room, and didn't fall asleep until after 4am. We were all up for The Big Day at 6am. It was not, I repeat, NOT a good night.

Woke up feeling nauseous and yucky, only to jump out of bed, wake up A to dump Little with her, and hop off to "the house". We figured that by getting there at 7:30am we'd have a couple hours to finish packing and wrapping before the scheduled 9am arrival of the truck. Imagine our excitement when we pulled onto the street, and there it was, in all of it's 40 ft. glory, looming in front of our house! Panic was more like it.

The truth was that it did go smoothly. It was intense, but the movers were actually fantastic; professional, nice, courteous and hard working. We have SO MUCH stuff that wrapping it took quite some time. Imagine wrapping everything you own in Saran Wrap. No, not some special moving type of saran wrap, but actual saran wrap. It's weird, and awkward.

But it's DONE!! There is a calm that has suddenly descended. It may just be a comatose state that we are in due to no sleep in the past week, but I am going to be generous and call it a calm. We are relaxed at Bubby's, with food, and comfy beds, life is good!

Adios Stuff, do us a favor and drop to the deep abyss of the ocean so we don't have to look at you even one more time. Enough is enough already.

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