Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I just packed box 121. 

These next few posts will not be witty, they will not be entertaining. We will be lucky if they will

The only way to describe what's going on over here is sheer chaos.  The kids are bored, but being good sports. The Wii is still up and the weather is beautiful, so they alternate between playing on the Wii or computer and playing outside. Little Red has been better with sibs home to occupy him, and willing aunts and uncles to watch him in the afternoon, BH.

We are tired, but in good spirits. I played hooky from my Teacher Work Day, but really had finished everything up yesterday, so I'm not feeling too guilty. There are last minute catastrophes to deal with, but we're taking them all in stride: a lift date that was almost moved up, a lift date without a crew, etc... but we've worked hard today to get in all the paperwork and to find a local crew. The pieces are coming together, although the complete puzzle still has some major holes :/ 

The amount of physical, emotional energy that goes into something like this is really quite astounding. My sister in law (who is also making aliyah this summer) called me and said she almost called her doctor to do some tests because she is always tired. I am the same way. It's all around exhausting. I'll finish one room and there will be 10 rooms left...but enough kvetching. I hate blogs with too much kvetching. After a good quiet cry into some clean laundry in the laundry room, I went out to get some Iced Coffee and am feeling re-energized. 

We'll get there, we always do :)


Wendy said...

Hang in there, kiddo---gam zeh yavor!

Brina said...

call me for coffee next time! We can catch up over coffee :)

SaraK said...

Amazed that you have time for blogging and FB! Keep posting because I need as many reminders as possible to do this before the multiple kids (and the c**p that goes along with them) come around. :)

NekudaTova said...

I make myself MAKE time for FB and blogging, otherwise I'd go NUTS!!! I'm saving a spot for you in my guest room...and for the hubby and kids, too!