Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Matters

4 days until we pack the lift. 

You would imagine the scenario to be kids hanging from the non-existent chandeliers, dogs barking and running through the house and babies crying. 

In truth, it's surprisingly quiet this am. I was up at 7am even though I didn't fall asleep until after 2am, and by 7:45 was on the scale with my suitcases, weighing away....Big kids got up and out with BAW to Yeshiva. Little Red is in for the only calm 2 hours of the day his nap, and #4 and #5 are at school/camp respectively. 

Packed the last kitchen box today, and we are officially in "camping mode". Paper and plastic only (all crunchy granola/save the earth people try moving trans-atlantic with 6 kids, and THEN judge me). It's incredibly empty and potentially depressing. But that just hasn't hit me yet. I think I'm just so excited/anxious/can't wait to get there, that I am not hitting the depressed stage. The kids are over the moon at moving in with Bubby and Zaidy for the last few days, and it will be the perfect send-off for all of us!

Some guy just stopped by and saw my baby carrier/carseat  in the garage, and without a thought, Eli gave it to him. I wish I could be more like that. For me, everything is an emotional decision ("But I wanted that baby carrier! It was B's! And S's! And N's!"). For him it's a no-brainer ("It's old.") Men just think more clearly. 

The guy who stopped by is an older Israeli guy who has been living here for some time now. He took Eli through the garage and pointed to things and said, "See this? And this? This is garbage. This is c**p! These things don't matter. You don't need these things! What matters? Take your wife and kids, kiss them, talk to them. These things matter!"



SaraK said...

So true :)

Anonymous said...

Once again, google does not reconize my password. So, I'm entering as Anonymous.
It is truly a bottom line kind of time right now.
When I was packing to move back east when getting married, my husband to be kept saying to me "Oh, I have that, you don't need to pack that". After I gave all my nice essentials away, and moved into his house, I saw that his "Oh, I have that", was really old or yucky. I was so sorry I gave so much of my good stuff away.
So, although TPH may have the right idea right now, sometimes it may be a good idea on some things to think twice.
As a woman , we think, feel different about things. After it is all said and done, and when it's gone its gone, those things that have particularly strong senimental value to you, (and aren't big and heavy), if you pack them, and then decide once in E'Y, that you really don't need to keep them for "heart's sake), then you can get rid of it.
Sorry for the tome, something just hit a nerve in me.

NekudaTova said...

"Tome" away, baby! I hear that, it's important to keep thing that are sentimental, that's for sure. But it is good to hear from him that things are always replaceable, and I do feel so much better when we are lighter!!

Besides, it's not the car seat that matters, but the little guy in it! That's what made it special!

Trying to keep in mind what matters! :)

Wendy said...

Hatzlachah rabah, baby! Thinking of you guys...