Monday, June 7, 2010

Less really IS More

I am an expert on packing.

Those of you who know me have heard this before. We'll be married 12 years this month and I am at it again. Deep into my second month of packing hard for a family of 8.

This will be our ... hmmm, let's count.

1. moved to Israel after we got married
2. moved within Israel
2. moved back to R
3. moved to Passiac
4. moved within Passaic
5. made Aliyah
6. moved within Israel
7. made Yeridah
8. Chazara

ok, officially our EIGHTH move in 12 years. Yes, I am an expert, but it is not something I am proud of. I blame all of this on Big Abba W, who has gypsy blood thicker than molasses. He gets restless, and the move is on...

I can't blame this one on him though. Or the last one, actually. We both really, really wanted to move back to R, but even then, said it was just a temporary move to get us back to E"Y. Of all the qualities I love in BAW, I think that his "leebee ba'mizrach" is one that I love and respect most of all.

So, here we are on #8, knowing it won't be our last, as we are moving into a rental...

There is the throw away pile, the give away pile, the lift pile, and the luggage pile. Maybe "pile" doesn't give you a good visual. Mound? Mass? Mountain? You get the picture...

The only wisdom I have gained from this is experience is as follows: LESS IS MORE.

Bottom line. NO questions asked.

I remember moving into this house (coming from a small Israeli apartment) thinking that this is the biggest, best house in the world, and BOY could we fill this bad boy up with LOTS more kids! My opinion has never changed...I LOVE THIS HOUSE, and I will miss it terribly. We will take with us beautiful memories of our times here in our R home.

In my big beautiful best house ever, we have managed to appropriate an obscene amount of stuff. Garage sales are my weakness, and our house abounds (abounded) with toys and games and books galore. Once again, we are downsizing significantly in order to fit ourselves and our stuff into our new place in RBS. I go through closets and I give away/throw away like there is no tomorrow, and yet, it seems as if I have made no dent! I pack ginormous "give away" garbage bags with reckless abandon. And still, the stuff looms. We've packed 68 boxes to date, and guess what? We are still living JUST fine! The kids have actually been playing better with less toys! Don't ask me, it makes no sense.

I don't even KNOW/CARE what's in those boxes anymore, and if most of them weren't full of sefarim, I would seriously consider putting them by the curb. What nice garbage that would make. Piles of packed boxes.

So, while I ramble, there really is no point to this post. I guess Hashem really wants me to see that we are all still "wandering Jews", although some of us maybe more than others :) and that all of these things are really just...things. Nice to have, but really don't make anyone happier or more fulfilled.

The more I get rid of, the less I have to worry about, and the more I can count on things that REALLY matter. And that's really what it's all about, isn't it?


Anne said...

B"H I will have your blog comments to set me in the right direction in the morning. You have such a way with words that go to the ecar of a learning moment, and with such clarity. Your words delight the mind's eye that I can see the picture you are trying to create.

SaraK said...

I moved 4 times in my 1st 2 years here in NY so I kinda know the feeling, although I am only 1 person, not a family of 8!
Good luck :)

chany said...

Difference is as the family grows, and you accumulate more stuff, it get's harder to pack. Not the same as your moves in the beginning. p.s. If you have any toys that camp can benefit from, we'd be happy to take them off your hands!