Monday, June 21, 2010

Well, since you asked...

Have I absolutely no "boosha"? 

Last post created a scenario that reminds me of how much I love small towns, and this one in particular. After a good friend read it, she called to ask if she can put together meals for us for this week. Most people would've bashfully said, "Nah, we'll be ok, don't worry! Don't put anyone out, we'll be fine." What do I say? Well, I considered those responses, (oh, yes I did! :P) but then A's big puppy dog eyes started swimming before me and I realized that it's not just me. I can be a martyr for myself, but can't really expect my kids to keep suffering. So I said, "Sure! Hey! That'd be great!"  Nope, no boosha. 

We are stressed, we are falling apart, we totally forgot our anniversary (today), but at least we are not hungry! It is amazing how much better one feels on a full stomach after a wonderful meal. Thank you, CR!!

Well, the countdown is at 6, and you will be hearing from me less this week, no doubt. Things are moving fast around here, appliances going out the door, both cars sold, (BH!), boxes reaching an alarming height in the garage. But, it's SIX to the lift and less than two weeks until we are on the plane, IY"H!! I think it made it all worth it when J, my 10 year old daughter said to me today, "Imma, that's it! I've finally realized that I am SO  HAPPY to be going to E"Y!!" 

Me too, J, me too!! :)


Wendy said...

Happy Anniversary!

SaraK said...

Awww.... :)
I will never forgot driving in & out in one day to Rochester for your wedding! And it was like 112 degrees. Ahhhh...good times, good times.
Good luck with the next 2 weeks! You can do it!