Monday, April 30, 2012

Where We've Been

This page seems very, very empty and there is SO very much to say. 

In my idealist's mind, I had planned to document all of the craziness of our lives over the past couple of months; Bat Mitzva, Purim, Upsherin, Restaurant opening, Pesach, Bar Mitzva, but happened. And there was just no time. 

I said goodbye to our visiting family yesterday, and I'm discovering that this is something that does not get any easier. I was a good sport while they pulled out of the driveway, but then I came into the house and had myself a good long cry. I just keep reminding myself how lucky we are that not only were my parents able to come to share the Bar Mitzva with us, but my grandparents as well who have never been to E"Y before. If nothing else, that comforts me tremendously. 

While the visits are intense, and long and even exhausting, it is always hard when they come to an end. Sigh. 

The Bar Mitzva itself was beautiful. The Bar Mitzva boy did me proud. I know how much he was out of his comfort level by "performing"; first laining, then a speech, but he did each one and did them well. I even barely had any "Wow, I'm So Old" moments. I was too busy enjoying the moment. 

After shul on Shabbos we invited the community over for a kiddush on our street, and then had the extended family for Shabbos lunch. Not only did my parents and grandparents come, but Uncle Y surprised us by making a last minute ticket. The kids were ecstatic (as were their parents :). 

The next day we had a beautiful small and intimate event at one of the local shuls, where the Bar Mitzva boy and BAW spoke. We even had music (Rosh Chodesh, ok?) and dancing and of course the obligatory slideshow. All throughout I kept glancing at my grandparents and just feeling so grateful that they were here and able to share with us. 

Anywhoo, that's it. I did it. I pulled it together, and not too shabbily I might add. We're back to real life over here. For us that means school for most, fevers for some, laundry for one. I wouldn't say we're relaxed in any sense of the word, but it's a good feeling to be able to concentrate on work and the restaurant, and just get things done that we've both been neglecting for a while. That's about it.