Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Miss Young Married Smarty Pants

Yes, yes, Blogger, thanks for pointing out when I sign in that I've had a DRAMATIC drop in viewers over the past few months. Well guess what? I've also had a DRAMATIC drop in sanity over the past few months too. Blog THAT!

You know when you've thought about something for years, and anticipated it and then, suddenly it is upon you? Well that's us. I feel like yesterday I was expecting J and kept wondering aloud, "If this is a girl, then her Bat Mitzva will be before A's Bar Mitzva even though he's older! And wow, it'll be right after Purim. Oh, and with Pesach in between! That will be kind of hectic."

Yes, that young girl thought she had it all figured out, and even anticipated the craziness. But oh, how far off was I! Yes, that baby was a girl!  And yes, that Bat Mitzva was indeed a few days after Purim, bh. It was beautiful. She is beautiful. Bh. 

We are now days away from Pesach, with the Bar Mitzva a week after that. But there were things that Little Miss Young Married Smarty Pants could never have known: like how that baby would be followed by a bunch more, one of them needing an upsherin just days before the Bat Mitzva. It was beautiful. He is beautiful. Bh. 

Little Miss Young Married Smarty Pants also could never have known that we'd be living in Israel, and TPH would be opening his own restaurant (American BBQ, yum!) two days before the Bat Mitzva. (Even Mrs. Big Smarty Pants had no idea how much that would turn her life upside down.)

And Little Miss Young Married Smarty Pants could never, EVER imagined how exhausted she would be during this amazing, awesome time of Simcha. But, she's learned. And she's learning. No matter how crazy things are, she CAN get them done, simply because she has the help of HK"BH and her amazing family. Another thing she never could have known: those two babies back then? Well, they've turned into the most amazing, helpful young adults. They've also become my close friends. It is beautiful . Bh.