Friday, June 25, 2010

3 days till lift off..

I'm a little bit at a standstill. Literally. As in, my feet are no longer working.

Today has been the hardest day so far. It's the Friday before the Monday arrival of our container, and we are all reaching every limit we have: physical limits, emotional limits, limited numbers of suitcases, limited food, limited patience. We are at the end.

Last night we spent the very last night in our house, and I'll miss my bed :(. It'll be close to 2 months before I sleep in it again. This is the tough part, when we are literally homeless. Thank G-d for parents and grandparents who will take the very best care of us during the limbo stage, but it is still going to be hard living out of suitcases no matter where we are.

Speaking of suitcases, we are allowed 24 pieces when we travel. Can you imagine??? My goal is not more than 12 or 15, but even that is CRAZY. There is no room to put anything; there are suitcases everywhere!!!!!

Not much else to report. Peace out. Shabbat Shalom. Hey.


SaraK said...

Shabbat Shalom! Oy, I hate that homeless feeling. I went through it when I moved to NY.

NekudaTova said...

yucky :(
kinda like labor before the delivery-it's all worth it in the end!

Abby said...

Peace out brother . . uh, I mean, sister . . I mean, SSF <3

Rebecca said...

No, no, no! Labor is NOT something to dread - you need some hypnobirthing right now. It's amazing. Start visualizing yourself creating a beautiful semblance of order and it will happen! Start with the visualizations... (I'm not joking.)

Wendy said...

Limbo bites. Hang in there--it's all good.