Monday, August 2, 2010

Ma Ma Ma Ma Mai Ma

I'm ready to come clean. I am ready to admit it....


Ok, there I said it. I am not a 10 year old girl, I am a very happily married American/Israeli housewife. But it was SO MUCH FUN!! J was actually a wee bit embarrassed of both her parents who were happily clapping along with big goofy gins on our face. The band was great, and the kids were great too. Eli Gerstner was there and did lots of singing as well.

We made a real night of it. Special thanks to Saba for watching the 3 little guys so that we could make it a special night with the 3 big guys. We went out for burgers and then to the show and it was lots of fun. At one point they asked who was there from Beit Shemesh and a big cheer went up, but then he continued to ask, and people from Yerushalayim, Netanya, Modi'in, and lots of other places were there, too. It was a really nice crowd. 

Another thing that's been so great since we got here is all the people that remember us!! It's so nice! We were walking in to the show, and so many women came over and said Hi. It's just embarrassing for me, because for some reason I am terrible with names, and I couldn't for the life of me remember anyone's names!! :( So I finally just gave up and kept saying, "oh my gosh! I am soooo sorry!! What's your name again?" Ok, felt so dumb. 

The heat is got up to 96 degrees today, with a "feel like temperature" of 117. We spent almost the whole day inside. Poor J was home today suffering terribly of heat stroke from a full day of camp yesterday. The camps are very good about staying inside, but we (especially red headed) Americans are super sensitive to the heat. She's excited to go tomorrow, but I'm very apprehensive. :(

Not much else to report. Hopefully we'll be back to our regular scheduled programming when the heat dies down a bit!

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Baltimom said...

I think it's time to change your "About Me" section. You're not living out-of-town anymore and the trip to EY is behind you!