Saturday, August 7, 2010

Coming up...Summer Ulpan

So glad that I am past that really yucky day on Friday. We really had a beautiful shabbos this week, despite the still high temperatures.

It was my first week making both meals at home, and hosting guests to boot! Like CSR said, having guests is the best, because it means that a sense of normalcy is returning. Don't get me wrong, only about half of our stuff is unpacked. ie: 40 boxes of sefarim neatly lined up against the wall where the book shelves are going. Once they are bought. And assembled. Or the fact that when I DO finally get to my in-laws to throw in a load, I fold the clothes and put them their rightful boxes. But slowly, slowly. We'll get there.

Tomorrow is a big day for A, B and S, who are all starting their first day of 2 weeks of summer ulpan. It's a program geared for new olim and we thought that the boys all really needed a jump start on their Hebrew. They are nervous, and rightfully so. I have heard every complaint tonight from, "My head hurts." "I feel sick." "I lost my  glasses." to "I stubbed my toe."

When none of those worked, it got a little more desperate: "I am not going!" "You can't force me!" "It's Stupid!"

It's only from 8:30am to 12:30am everyday, so I think they'll manage. All the kids going are in the same boat, none of them speak Hebrew, and all of them are new to the area.

One of the hardest parts of being a mother that I am just discovering lately is being brave (or faking it) when you really don't feel that way at all. When you want to cry and yell and stomp your foot with the best of them, but can't. When you have to smile (tersely, never but never fake) and say, "I know how hard this is on you. You are really brave. You'll do great." and gently push them out the door. It's not easy. 

I'm just hoping and praying everyday that one day they'll thank me.


Anne said...

That is truly the definition of a parent. Faking bravery, acknowledging their fears, and supporting them as you push them out door. I don't expect a future thank you. I just pray that somehow he successfully learns the lessons. That is enough thanks.

NekudaTova said...

Totally true. I guess I didn't mean "Thanks" as in a real "Wow, Imma, thank you for sending me to Ulpan!" (although that would be great, too:), but rather I just hope that one day they'll realize that this was all good for them and recognize why we are doing what we are doing!!