Monday, August 9, 2010

We can see school in the distance...

Wow. It's unbelievable, but lots of the boys around town are starting school tomorrow and Wednesday already!

We, on the other hand are still relishing the last couple of weeks of freedom.

Boys are going great in Ulpan, despite the fact that the teachers speak only a smidgen of English. I have to say that I was disappointed at first, but it doesn't seem to be bothering any of the kids! S was hard to leave off the first day, he was clingy and a little weepy, but no downright crying. It's Day 2 of ulpan and today he answered the teacher IN HEBREW. Kids are amazing.

J had a fantastic trip to Jerusalem today with her camp as they started the day packing food for the needy at Yad Eliezer. J and 40 other girls from her camp spent a couple of hours there just packing and loading food. So impressive here that Chessed is a large part of every school or camp experience. It's amazing, BH!

After that they took the camp on a hike in Midbar Yehuda to hike in some sand dunes that miraculously had a stream flowing through them. She came back wet, tired and so, SO happy!!

I am having a good day as my stove arrived today as well as my washing machine. Dryer, not yet. The washing machine will be installed and working by tomorrow, but the stove has another week until the guys can come. It's really not such a big deal; we've been doing fine on our burners.

That's about it. Not much else to report on the home front. We keep wanting to go to the beach, but the weather is too hot. I know, sounds weird, but there is actually weather that people can't even go to the beach in! Hopefully before school starts. Tomorrow, me and and the SIL go school shopping....hmm...THAT should be fun...Here you have to not only buy supplies but books as well.

Wish me luck!

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