Thursday, August 12, 2010

25 Things You May or May Not Know About Me

Wow. I was looking back at this forward that went around FB over a year and a half ago. But I figured it was worth "reprinting".

Pay special attention to #6. It's a really, really good feeling when you accomplish something that was originally on your list of dreams.

Also, #4 is sadly no longer pertinent, on every single level :(

And I guess #19 should be changed to "Teacher strike days", although those just don't have the same cozy, stuck in the house feeling...

Oh, and #21: I am getting there.

25 Things You May or May Not Know About Me

1. I am the oldest of 10. It was wild growing up, its crazy wild now, and my guess is that it will only get wilder…still, one of the best things that ever happened to me.

2. I am SUPER competitive. I must be best at everything, or it’s not worth doing at all.

3. I signed on to become part of Am Yisrael when I was 7. Good choice.

4. I have two dogs, a ferret, a guinea pig, and a fish. No one cleans up after them except me. Since I am pregnant, Eli is currently on ferret duty.

5. I love chocolate milk. No, I am obsessed with chocolate milk. The more chocolate the better.

6. I made Aliyah, then Yeridah, and hope to one day make Aliyah again, for the final time.

7. I love Hashem, but sometimes have a hard time understanding what he wants from me.

8. I cried when Sruli told me that he wants to marry me, because he never wants to leave me.

9. I have painted most of the rooms in my house at least once, all by myself.

10. I don’t gain weight during pregnancy; only right before and right after.

11. I like watching one trashy TV show a week. It relaxes me, and makes me feel a lot better about myself as a person.

12. I am most fulfilled when standing at the front of a classroom. 

13. I love the smell of the first day of school. New supplies, new paper, etc. It makes me giddy!

14. My kids all need braces, and I feel guilty, because it runs from my side of the family.

15. In the middle of my first date with my husband, I realized that I wanted to marry him.

16. One of my best friends is my mother.

17. I have two mothers-in-law. 

18. I have been camping over a dozen times and can still pitch a tent, light afire and fish better than most people I know.

19. I love snow days and my heart still beats in anticipation every time we might get one.

20. I am super OCD about organizing and cleaning, and it’s really, really hard to realize that I can’t be on top of those things as much now because of my big (KA”H) family. 

21. My biggest fear in the world is that my sons will have to serve in the Israeli army. I am not one of these brave, amazing mothers that I wish I could be.

22. Before I met Eli, I never moved once in my whole life. Now, I have moved 8 times in the past 10 years. (Editor's Note: make that 9)

23. I don’t like my Hebrew name, and wish SO much that I had chosen one that I like and could actually use!!

24. There is nothing in my life as wonderful, amazing or inspiring as my kids.

25. I still think everyday about how lucky I am to have met such a wonderful, amazing, kind, caring person…and he married ME! Every. Single. Day.

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