Saturday, July 31, 2010

We are positively glowing! (or is that just sweat?)

We are slowly settling into life here, and it's a really, really good feeling. Kids are getting more and more settled by the day, as am I. BAW is like a fish in water here, so he almost doesn't count when we talk about acclimation and all that jazz. He has been the one dealing with all the government offices and things and most of that is almost finished, so he's feeling settled too. 

It was 106 degrees this shabbos. I kid you not. And we walked uphill to BAW's parents, a 20-25 min. walk that somehow stretches into 35 min. in the heat. We were just about the only idiots people out, and it then dawned on us that we should probably check the forecast before we decide to hike across the neighborhood in weather that causes the Israeli army to shut down training. Not our brightest move since we got here.

 Our perspective did change on the way there when we passed by a chassid in a very large FUR streimel, of course with kapata and talis, on the way home from shul. BAW pointed out (to those of us complaining the most:) that it really is mind over matter. 

But I do have to put in just how proud of the kids I am. While their parents were uncomfortable and cranky (and kvetching!) most of the way there and back, the kids (even R and S!) walked a mile in these desert like conditions without a single complaint! Kids, sometimes, are awesome.

Went to a great class today given by rotating Rabbis/teachers every shabbos morning for women. It was SO GOOD! Interesting, interactive, stimulating! Also great was to meet more women from around the neighborhood. What's great about this new neighborhood we moved into is that everyone is new, or has been through Aliyah recently. One woman was so sympathetic when I said my lift came last week, I thought she was gonna hug me! "Oh!! I'm so sorry!! I see these ZIM trucks pulling up and I get an awful feeling in my stomach!!" She made aliyah last summer. See, it's not just me, and I am not crazy!

The R connection is fabulous here! Whenever I say "R" apprehensively, (c'mon, admit it, you know exactly what I am talking about! Will I have to launch into geographic location? "No, it's upstate, right near Niagra Falls!") I have been greeted with lots of enthusiastic, "OH!! R!!! My very good friend so and so is from R!!!" It's amazing how far and wide we R's have reached :)

I am still smiling from the shiur today, feeling that Hashem sent it right to me, although anything in this week's parsha could've been aimed my way! The Rav spoke all about coming from the midbar to E"Y and how the time in the desert was a time of many tests, trials and tribulations. Upon coming to E"Y, certain things were much easier. The lesson is not to forget the time in the desert where things were so clearly from Hashem. Just because things may seem so easy once you get to the Land, remember, it's not you! It's all Him!

Hoping to keep that lesson close at heart.


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