Friday, August 6, 2010


Today is Stupid. Stupid heat. Stupid dirty floors that don't stay clean. Stupid messy house. Stupid no stove or washing machine yet. Stupid. Stupid.

I try to be positive, but here is the cause of said Stupid:

Last night J and I were trying to get her to camp for a sleepover by 5:45pm. We were late (stupid #1), and in a rush to get S to the doctor, so we didn't make up how she'd get home (stupid #2). Normally I pick her up, but sometimes she likes to walk. 

Today, knowing there would be confusion on her part, I set out early to get my FIL's car to go pick her up. I went outside and called a cab (stupid #3). I stood outside in the most unreasonable weather imaginable for 10 min. then called the taxi company again.

"Hi, I just called for a cab a while ago to this address. He's not here."
"The driver said that you didn't come outside." (stupid)
"What? I've been outside the whole time!!"
"No. You didn't come outside, but it doesn't matter, I'll send another one." (stupid)
"It most certainly does matter!! I WAS outside!"
"Calm down, another one is on the way." (extra stupid)

By now it's 10 minutes until camp pick-up time. Another 5 min. goes by. I call the OTHER cab company. "Sure, he's on his way." BTW, here you do not EVER call the OTHER company once you have called the first company. On penalty of death. Just because.

Five minutes later two taxis come up the block. I hop in the first one (stupid?), which happens to be from the OTHER cab company. The driver of the cab I did not take starts flashing his lights, and beeping like crazy and acting like he is going to rear end us (stupid). As we make the turn, the angry driver of the other cab CUTS US OFF (ok, so incredibly stupid that "stupid" just isn't good enough)so we can't drive any more and gets into a shouting match with my driver. Um, seriously, I thought he was going to get out of the cab and punch me. 

I get to FIL's house, shaken, and sweating from body parts that i didn't even know I have, but otherwise intact. It is 12:02 pm when I pull up and LOADS of girls and sleeping bags and pillows and backpacks are strewn all over the place. Mine, however, is nowhere in sight. I wait 10 minutes until they all pile out of the building. I ask around. She isn't there. Panic sets in. 

I run back to the car only to find that I've been blocked in by many, mumbling mothers, mighty nice. After another 10 minutes I am back in the car and frantically scouring the street for her. Keep in mind, it's not that I fear her walking home for any reason other than the heat. It is 107 degrees today. She is wearing black (please do not ask) and carrying a HUGE bag and black sleeping bag and a pillow. By now, in my eyes she is the world's biggest sun magnet. By time I get home, I haven't seen her walking and I am almost in tears. I have called home, and at home they tell me she is not home, and she is not at school or anywhere in between. It's sweltering. There is no where for her to go!!

I go inside and there she is sitting on the couch, beet red and in tears. Poor girl!! She didn't know if I was coming, she couldn't call and so she just walked home! :( I felt awful!! I STILL DO!! :(( I hate when I fail my kids and it could totally have been avoided. 

Anyway, that's the cause for Stupid everything today.

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Elisheva said...

KAARA, ur the best mother in the world. stop it RIGHT now.