Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hot Enough for You??

The heat is slooooowing us waaaaaaaaaay dowwwwwwwwwwnn. I feel like everything is in slooowwww motion out there. We have hit record highs of 95-105 this week, with "feel like" temperatures of 110-118. The streets are emptier than usual, as most smart people are inside most of the day. 

This was a GREAT week for us with the arrival of BAW's brother and sister in law, their four girls and her parents and GRANDMOTHER!! I watched the NBN arrival video to get a glimpse of them, and like most people, I was in tears. It was truly a beautiful start for all of these incredible people beginning their journey.

Today I went (all by myself!) to sign the kids up for health insurance. They are all set up, and except for me (it's another one of these 'status' differences) the whole family has health care!! I have to wait either 6 months or pay 9,000 shekel, so trying to figure out a way around that for now. Maybe private health care for the first 6 months. TPH should also have the same stipulations as me, but it's often that things slip between the cracks here, and we think that's what happened with him. In any case, we are not complaining.

Took the first kid to the Doctor today which could've been a lot worse! Doctor was an American, clinic was clean with nice toys, and most importantly, GREAT A/C. :)  The pharmacy for the same provider is right next store to the office, which makes the whole process ridiculously simple, thank G-d!

OH! Other good news: stove and washing machine are arriving on Monday and should be set up and ready to go by Tues. or Wednesday. G-d forbid the people who deliver machine could also install the machine. 

I am feeling really, really good about my Hebrew this time, and it was making me think how much easier it is coming to Israel in my 30s than it was when I came in my 20s. Last time, I still had the self consciousness to not allow myself to speak Hebrew for fear I'd make a mistake. Sadly, it made the whole experience much harder for me and I missed out on meeting some really great people. This time, I just throw it all out there. Sure I make mistakes, and I even had the guy at the bank chuckle at me today when I used the wrong word, but it wasn't a mirthful chuckle, more like he thought I was another one of those "funny little Americans". I have had some great conversations with cab drivers, and am just feeling over all more capable. 

Having an Israeli husband is a MAJOR crutch. There is a lot of, "Can you call..." "Can you go..." but this time he really insisted that I do a lot of those things despite my whining and carrying on. And once again TPH was right. 

Thanks, babe.


Rebecca said...

Reminds me of the girl who shrieked across the entire bus (filled with chayalim) for the bus driver to wait while she got something out of her underwear. Well, at least that's what it translated to in Hebrew. I think she meant she had something in the underneath compartment of the bus. And then there was the girl who very pleasantly asked the driver to stop because "Ani tzricha laledet." Let's just say he stopped pretty quickly. :-D

NekudaTova said...

HaHaHa! OMG!! NO wayyy!! Those are excellent!!