Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 3

Fully appreciating my smiling, devious Little Red being home: he can do no wrong, and he knows it!

Up and out early to the merkaz to get our cell phones ordered, which took a really long time. Hopefully by tomorrow we should both have new phones. This being without internet is very yucky. I feel so disconnected from everything.

Kids are taking to RBS so far. For the first time, 7 year old B and 4 year old R took some money and walked around the stores by themselves while we were nearby in the cell phone store. They managed to buy themselves bottles of water in one place and giant jawbreakers in the candy store. Sounds dumb? They still don’t speak a word of Hebrew, so if nothing else, 2 points for bravery. 

If anyone in our family can do it, B will be the first one to venture out.
He keeps exclaiming things like, “WOW! Everything is Jewish! This is all kosher!” or, sometimes things that aren’t so cute in his booming voice, “What is up with these ‘chasids’ and their bushy hair?”

J also blew me away by going to a friend’s house today. We are here 3 days. Kids are amazing.

Rest of the day was spent taking 2 taxis to the train. Train to the mall. 2 taxis to the Kotel. Bus to BAW’s mother’s house. Van home. I am trying to be a good sport with no car, but already it’s taking its toll on us.

Big highlight of today was lunch at KFC. Mmmm…Kosher KFC…’nuff said.

The kotel for the first time was spectacular. Everywhere we go, BAW acts as our tour guide infusing each trip with history and feeling. R wanted to call Morah Shirly right away and tell her where he was. N went right up and kissed the wall again and again. J wasn’t ready to go when I was and wanted to say 2 more perakim of tehillim.  

It’s so amazing to be here and sharing all of this with the kids. They are so into it and excited and thrilled to just be here.

I am so happy too, but just a little unsettled. I think that once we have some more basics (stove, washer/dryer) I’ll feel a little more comfortable.  Maybe once the lift arrives and we are surrounded by our familiars, I’ll feel more at home. For right now I feel like we are on the best vacation ever.

Not too shabby, huh?


Abby said...

so awesome to hear about the kids! B"H! Love to hear about N and J at the kotel <3 You are being such a trooper and so positive while living life w/SIX kids and NO stove, W/D, CAR, etc!! The things that seem so important here are put neatly in perspective in the Holy Land - a totally different view B"H! That's why I am SOOOO ready to go back! Sadly, no matter how hard we try, our vision eventually becomes jaded here . . .

Anonymous said...
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