Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's here! :) :(

Ok, so there have literally been wrestling matches to get the the computer lately, although I am proud to say I have been too busy to be involved :) I did decide to jump on while BAW took the kids for haircuts and to get B's glasses fixed. 

The Friday lift arrival totally threw me for a loop. I guess maybe because I had no idea it would actually arrive this early (YAY! Shout out to best lift company: Aliyah Lift Shipping!) and because we didn't clear Meches and all of that until about 8pm the night before. So, we frantically started throwing all of our belongings into suitcases to clear as much space as we could before it got here, took apart all the g'mach beds, tables, chairs, etc., and sent the kids to wait outside. After all, a 40 foot container chugging up the block is quite a sight to behold.

Some BEFORE pics:

PLAYROOM/A&B's room/Storage room Yes, it's only about 10 feet wide, and 15 feet long. It was previously a parking space, and you have to walk down two steps to get into the room. Before the lift came  it was the "soccer room". Then, all hell broke loose:
There is now literally room to sleep for 2 kids and NOTHING else. Thank G-d they are kids, and for them, for some odd reason this is actually "fun". "It's our cave!!" Yay. I cried. They partied.

J and Little Red's room:

And after: 
 The truth is that I worked many hours on this room today and it is DONE!! I can't believe it!  I wish I could sneak in and take a pic for you, but you know what they say: Let small sleeping monsters lie. Or something like that anyway...

You get the point. They movers were here for a total of one and a half hours. It was sheer madness. They were pretty good, getting most of the boxes in the right spot, and so far only a few plates/platters were broken, and that was my fault, as towards the beginning I really wasn't packing well enough. 

The hardest was to have them drop and run, and then we had to go into shabbos and just look at all of it, and not lift a finger to unpack any of it. THAT was challenging. CW will be happy to know that there are several boxes that I have packed right back up and are in a pile for a g'mach. There is no reason that we need all this stuff! Some of it I would never have known was missing!

But, it also must be said that it is a tremendous comfort to have all of our things with us again. It's a funny feeling being so far away from everything that we know, and then suddenly all of our stuff arrives! (Don't worry, still tossing lots of it... ;)

There is a silver lining in this, and I hope that my SIL and her parents aren't reading this :), but BH that this is not happening the same week that school starts!! This has been the real first upheaval that I have seen affect the kids; their things are here, but I am not unpacking fast enough because there are not enough storage spots, so they have to look at it but not unpack yet. For the most part though, they really have been good sports. I unpacked 15 boxes of kids books today, so that REALLY made everyone happy! :)

So, that's what I've been up to, and since I started, TPH has returned and is already hovering. C'mon! What's more important, work or play blogging? 

Don't worry, I have plenty to do, I'll just tackle another box.

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