Saturday, July 3, 2010

Almost there!

Last leg of the journey tomorrow!

Our drive down here was thank G-d uneventful. Bubby helped us drive down in 2 rented SUVs and we somehow managed to fit 10 passengers plus 16 pieces of luggage. Do you have any idea how much SIXTEEN pieces is?! A LOT. Most of it is sitting in the garage here, and it takes up HALF of it.

We stopped in the country on the way down to say goodbye to the brothers at Dougies, and more crying (not too much, cuz I know they'll come visit) ensued. But we had a great meal, and it broke up the drive down nicely. Saying goodbye to Bubby the next morning was hard, but I think not being in R made it a lot easier.

We all had an awesome, very (2 NAPS!) relaxing shabbos; kids had some pool time while we were here, and baby has been sleeping great, got all the laundry done, and M took fantastic care of us, so we are rested, and ready to go. BAW and boys went to shul and even to the park this morning, but I've been home and trying to lay low.

Kids are much more excited than I've seen them in a while, and the only one isn't able to sleep tonight is Brother S, but also just from excitement...

We'll keep you posted...but we're almost there!!

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