Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nacho Part 1

We checked in at “Terem” Medical Center at 11:00pm, and sat in the waiting room until 2:00am. Under normal circumstances this would’ve been annoying beyond belief, but remember, we still had on our “Aliyah Glasses” and were marveling in all the differences between here and the US.

Jews of all shapes and sizes together wishing each other “refuah shalima” and asking each other about what happened, and what they can do to help. One couple in their 40’s (sefardi/charedi looking) was there with a lacerating finger (the husband’s). For some reason, there is no rhyme or reason about who gets precedence when getting called in, and there was another lacerated finger that came in after these people had been waiting for TWO hours. Guy #2 (non-religious) was taken in immediately, stitched and sent on his merry way. As this guy was checking out, the first guy got up to go over and talk to him. My thought was, boy is he gonna give him a piece of his mind! Guy #1 and wife have been sitting here over 2 hours, and guy #2 waltzes in and out in 20 min! But nope, I haven’t been here long enough to know how these things work, and guess what Guy #1 says to Guy #2?? “Baruch Hashem! It was only your fingers, remember to give thanks that it was only this!”

And TPH and I look at each other and smile. For this we came. For this we are here.

When we were finally called in at 2am, I was now alone with a VERY uncomfortable and cranky N, as Uncle S had called us at 11:30 saying every single kid was up and asking for breakfast. Ahh, the joys of jet-lag. So, BAW ran home to deal with those guys while I was lucky enough to score an American doctor who was more than a little concerned. He immediately ordered an IV antibiotic which they gave on the spot. For those of you who have held your babies while someone stuck them with a needle, you know how awful it can be. He screamed the whole 40 min the IV was in and the meds were infusing.

When we got home at 3:30am Uncle S was a little freaked out. He said that he heard someone rattling the doorhandles at the front door and kitchen doors like they were trying to get in, around 3am.  BAW called the police, and there was no answer. Had we been any less tired, we would’ve kept at it, but at this point, we were literally falling asleep on our feet. We locked up tight, turned on every outside light, and said a little prayer.

Finally, by 4am everyone was in bed, if not asleep.  At 6am Little Red woke up screaming, and promptly fell asleep on my mini-cot, leaving no room for me. I eventually put him in a little nest I made for him on the floor next to me and fell asleep. 


Abby said...

love the Guy#1'a comment to Guy#2!! B"H! Yet another validation for the move!

Abby said...

Hurray for Uncle S!!!! What would you have done without him?

Anonymous said...

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