Monday, July 19, 2010


I know I've been kind of quiet over here on Nekuda Tova lately, but it's all coming back to me now that it takes time (LOTS OF TIME) just to get by over here. The trips to the grocery store take longer, setting ourselves up with the government takes days, weeks, maybe even months. 

Not sure why each office here is somewhere different, and once we get there we have to wait while they input all of our information all over again. One word for you, folks: NETWORK.

Misrad Ha'Pnim (Minstry of Interior) is where we go to get kids new ID numbers. Misrad Ha'Klita (Ministry of Absorption) is where we go to offically file that we have arrived and get our "status". Some of us are new immigrants, some of us are returning citizens, and some of us are immigrated citizens. Sounds confusing, I am not even getting into half of it. Bituach Le'umi is to set up health insurance and monthly benefits (yes, you get stipends for kids!).

BH Saba lent us his car this morning for a "quick" visit to Misrad Ha'Klita in Ramlah.  3 hours later we had nothing, and were told that we have to go back to them later in the week to receive our actual paperwork stating that we have arrived, and then we get all kinds of benefits: $$ for arriving, health care, etc. 

After the mind-numbing three hours, we get back in the car, and TPH mutters "2 down 5 to go".
Me, "HUH?"
TPH, "2 offices down, only 5 to go." Ugh.

So, we've been busy with mundane, boring aspects of settling in Israel, with details that would make you cry. I thought I'd spare you. 

We're going into Tisha B'av, and with much excitement we straightened and cleaned, getting ready for Moshiach in case he decides to stop by this year.

Hey, you never know!

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SaraK said...

Every day can't be all fun & games :)
So great Skyping with you guys!