Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Leiby Kletzky, A"H

Yesterday things got busy, but today I had it all planned out. Today I was supposed to write all about the incredible Nefesh B'Nefesh ceremony I attended yesterday, about how inspiring and awesome it is to see a plane full of new Olim (245!) arrive. I was supposed to summarize the best parts of each speech, like how amazing it is that Natan Sharansky speaks to the Olim as they arrive, or how NBN will be bringing their 5,000th! immigrant to Israel this summer. I was also supposed to tell you how fantastic it was to see my friend come off the plane and join us, and how great it was to see another old friend whom I haven't seen since high school. But I waited too long, and we know that things can change in the blink of an eye, so today I have to write about death and loss and other terrible things that are too much to bear.

Most of you know by now about the 9 year old boy from Brooklyn, NY that went missing from his home Monday afternoon. Leiby left his day camp and was supposed to meet up with his parents for a doctor's appointment. Once again, the Jewish community came together in an unbelievable way. Over 2,000 volunteers hit the streets combing every inch of Brooklyn. Tips came pouring in, security cameras were watched and publicized for all to see so we could help. And the davening, once again the davening was amazing; not only did we all as individuals say tehillim, but a national teleconference was organized to say Tehillim together with thousands of Jews around the world.

But sometimes our prayers are answered as we ask, and sometimes they are not, and a little over 24 hours later, Leivy's remains were found in two different places in Brooklyn. This was the news that we read this afternoon, the news that made us come to a grinding halt, that we were forced to choke down moments before our own beautiful neshamos came breezing through the door. My 8 year old did not protest as I grabbed him and hugged him and breathed in his outdoorsy boy smell. He usually does, but today he must've understood that I needed that hug more than he'll ever know. It's hard to stay focused on the mundane when we hear of one of these tragedies, but I put my best foot forward and managed to put it out of my mind as much as I could while I made dinner and ran some errands. But now it's quieting down again.

Now I go back to FB and I see that yes, things can get worse. Another Jew was responsible for this brutal murder. All I can think of is how this little boy may have been lost and trusted another one of his "own kind", as the murderer was surely dressed the part. But little could Lieby Kletzy have known what wolves may lay in sheep's clothing. I don't want to say more, I don't want to think more about it, because like with Koby Mandel, A"H, all I can think about is the pain and fear that this little boy must've experienced in his last moments on earth.

I can only hug and kiss my own and give thanks for another day. I pray that the  Kletzky family knows no more sorrow and that G-d gives them the strength to somehow, someday move past this horrible tragedy.

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