Monday, July 4, 2011

We Made It!

Wow. Today I am amazed... at us. It's been exactly one year since we got on that plane and waved goodbye to our loved ones and started out on our journey. It's been a wild ride. It has been a very hard year in some respects, but for the most part it's been wonderful. I can't think of a better group of people I'd rather be sharing this journey with.  

To celebrate, BAW made Chinese for dinner, and we all sat down (for at least 5 minutes!) together. I tried to get each of the kids to talk about their experiences, good and bad this year, and to share some general feelings on moving to Israel. 

Here's what I got:

"Why are you asking me questions? That's weird."
"Her blog, for sure."
Ok, busted just a little bit. Undaunted I pressed on, and was happy I did. 

R: "I have the BEST Morah! And SOO many kids in my class, like 15! And there are like, wait (counts on his fingers), like FIVE doors to my gan!"

S: "It's good. I like living in R and I like living in Israel."

A: "Stop asking me! It'll take me like an hour and a half to explain it to you!" Um, ok. 

B: "Wait! I know just how to tell you!" Dashes from the room. Returns a few minutes later empty handed. He had been looking for a report he recently gave in front of the class (in Hebrew) titled, "My move to Israel and how it was hard." He can't find it because it was such a gem that I stashed it in his Memory Box. He continues on to say, "It's like amazing! There are so many kids, and so much to do and it's like so amazing!"

J: "What I realized after this year is that I can do anything. Anything. I mean, I moved across the world, walked into a classroom where I didn't know anyone, and didn't speak the language and I have good friends now! Not like I don't miss R sometimes, but living here is so different, there is so much to do, never boring like R was, and here you feel a part of the History, of the people, of the land. In a word: Awesome."


SaraK said...

LOVE!!! Happy Aliyah-versary. Yours and mine will always be one year and one week apart! Can't wait to celebrate together for MANY years to come!

NekudaTova said...


You know it, baby! Party next year, this time, my house! :)