Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guest Post by The One and Only "J"

My daughter has been on my case for me to add some more of her poems to my blog. Enjoy--she's awesome!


Life--You walk, you trip, 
You run, you skip, you do a flip.

Life-- You crash, you fall,
You smash that stone wall.

Life--You scream, you cry,
You let good times pass you by.

Life--Things happen, that's the way to see.
Just relax, let life be.



Let it fill you up
Musical notes drift through life
Forget--and listen.


The Friend Ship

A special ship leaves at half past three,
Let's be aboard it, you and me. 
We'll laugh, play and talk,
Snooze, gossip and walk.

It has no grounds,
no ends, no bounds.
It's made for friendly people you see,
maybe you and me. 

It's whistle is blowing,
It's confetti is throwing.
The flag is showing, 
Look! We must be going. 

Will you come?


Anne said...

OMG- AMAZING!!! Thoughtful, soulful and beautifully picturesque. I am so impressed. Thank you J!

Eli W. said...

does it count if i say i think they're awesome? keep on swimming jellifish!