Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Secret

I have a secret, and where better to share it than privately on the internet (of course only after I link to it on FaceBook).

My secret is...(nope, not pregnant) I am going to start putting pics on my blog. Yup, that's the big news.

See, me and TPH have had this argument from my very first post. He is of the "old school" mind that there still is a chance to chronicle your life on the internet and remain anonymous. He thinks that if someone sees who we are...I'm not sure what. 

I still won't use our *real* names, cuz' I like to pretend that it's cool to be sketchy, but I can't live without photos anymore! I am the person who spent the first 5 years of my marriage carefully cataloging our photos, and putting them into adorable scrapbooks. My older kids can pull any one of these off the shelf and spend hours reminiscing to perky titles like, "A's first Havdalah!" Or "J's third molar came in!" or "Turtleback Zoo for the 17th time!"

My younger kids however, are hard pressed to find even a pic titled, "S's first steps!" or "R's first foods!" I am not going to take all the blame for this though. When my older kids were younger, things were different. We still had our film cameras, and if you didn't get to the store to develop them and put them in an album somewhere, that was it. No memories. 

But now, when my first grader is looking for VIP pics for school, I can yell: "Go look on FB, in my albums!" So, really it's the same thing, but instead of pulling out the albums, they can pull up the albums. I figure if I can post pics and blog at the same time, viola! Virtual scrapbook!

This all sounds good in theory, but let's see if I can actually follow through...

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Wendy said...

Welcome to the real world, baby. Looking forward to pics...