Monday, November 1, 2010

J's Poems

My 10 year old daughter is a literary genius. Well, maybe not yet, but she will be. Trust me. I am not bragging (well, maybe a teeny bit) and I am not over dramatizing. Words and language are already her passion. She uses words unknown to most college professors, she's been reading the Lord of the Rings Trilogy since she was 8 and has completed it several times. She was finished with the Harry Potters 2 days after the final one was on shelves. So, imagine my excitement when she started to write! 

Here is a poem she wrote this week. Reprinted of course, with her permission. (The original is in pink pen, written into the shape of a heart. Hey, she's still a 10 year old girl!)

If You Were Here

If you were here I wouldn't be moping or sighing. 
If you were here I could talk to you instead of sending letters.
If you were here I could laugh with you and actually see you laugh, instead of hearing you on the phone. 
If you were here, you could feel my hand slipping the candy into yours, instead of watching it slip out of the package.
If you were here, I could inhale deeply and smell the baking cookies, instead of getting 35 emails from you saying you baked cookies. 
If you were here, I wouldn't miss you.

And one more...

The Rainbow

One single morning, 
I was pleased to see,
The colors of the rainbow, 
glimmering there for me. 

There stood Red, proud and strong, 
the colors of bravery and love.
I could've looked at him for hours, 
but there was more to see of.

Then danced Orange, 
carefree and true,
Seemingly she's always 
waiting there for you.

After came Yellow,
Happy, sunny and bright,
Just him, his smiley face, 
Makes the world go right.

Swishing lightly, follows in Green,
The lover and mother of Nature,
With the likes of which,
You have never seen.

Serenely drifting,
The tide brings Blue,
A Father of Water;
Old, young, the same and New.

Purple and Lavender are here,
Serious and Cute,
They are in the same color family,
But alike right down to the boots.

And there I was marveling,
How precise the colors were,
And how rainbows were rare,
And then of how the colors are
for sure.


SaraK said...

Wow! Hope she continues writing, her poems are lovely.

Eli Meystel said...

Wow!! Beautiful JJ!!