Thursday, November 4, 2010

Crazy American

Ha! I love it! I just got my first "Crazy American" eye roll!

Was at the park doing the morning "let's run down this baby so he sleeps well" trick, when a native Israeli mother went out of her way to come over to me to give me a piece of her mind. "Isn't he cold in shorts? He must be freezing!!" I was a little embarrassed, and sheepishly said, "No, I think he's ok." Collective eyeball roll of the other mothers around me. I looked around and it dawned on me that most kids were in corduroy pants, long sleeves, and a couple even in sweaters.

On my way home I was feeling a little insecure, so I checked my phone for the weather. 79 degrees.

Um, yeah. We're good. Thanks.


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Rochester born and bred. 40 degrees in shirtsleeves...only the strong survive!