Monday, November 22, 2010

The Darndest Things

"Well, since I wasn't born in America, I couldn't be the President there, but here I come:  President of Israel!"

"A dentist came to school today and looked in my mouth and said 'yafeh' ('Nice'). I haven't brushed my teeth since last shabbos."

"Some Hebrew speaking kids think I am clueless. So, I just walk up to them and start speaking another language."

"I LOVE being in a big school! There are soo many kids! Too many kids, but that just means SO many kids."      ?

"This hero needs to use the bathroom!"

It's amazing when I take a few minutes out to spend time with each kid one on one, and I find out what they really have to say. These random gems all came from one of my favorite little guys on a walk home tonight from the merkaz. 

It's a beautiful night tonight, and I am proud to report that today, November 22, 2010 two very monumental things happened at Casa W.

1: We went an entire 24 hour period with not ONE air conditioning unit on!! GO US!!
2: My 2 middle guys informed me that they are some of the last standing kids in school in shorts, and they actually might just start wearing pants as of tomorrow. 

We've been busy over here; Middle School applications for A, which comes along with researching the different options, parent meetings, etc. Birthday party for S, getting ready for the arrival of Uncle S and Aunt P.

Oh, and the frequent buying and consumption of sufganiyot. How is buying jelly or caramel filled donuts all that time consuming you'd like to know? Well, I figure there are only 12-14 hours in the day that the offspring are awake. Roughly 6 of those hours are spent with them nagging me to give them money to buy these seasonal donuts. Another hour or so goes into them walking up to the stores and perusing the bakeries until they find the ones that are "just right". Actual consumption time: 43 seconds. 

So, yes, we've been busy. At least we'll have an Israeli President who doesn't brush his teeth to show for it. 


Eli said...

that kid cracks me up!

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Bia said...

Eat a caramel sufganiya for me, please!