Thursday, August 18, 2011


Once again we are mourning. Today a very carefully executed attack against more Israelis took place, when Arabs shot up a bus, bombed a car and shot mortars at IDF forces in the South.,7340,L-4110634,00.html#.Tk0vyxAwd_B.facebook

And just like that while we were washing dishes or doing laundry or at work or shopping, everything was once again turned upside down. I had my 2 year old scream through another supper and couldn't even register it because all I can think about is the families who have suddenly been thrown into a living hell and who's lives will never be the same.

And yet, the feelings loss and sadness are followed swiftly by overwhelming feelings of rage, which must be a true testament to the fact that I am becoming more Israeli every day. Rage that once again our government has failed to protect us. Once again they have lacked the masculine body parts it takes to stand up and say, "די!!" "Enough!"

No, I don't expect them to put up more check points or increase soldiers on foot or patrol. I expect them to stop caring about what the rest of the world thinks and to put their collective foot down for once. I expect them to protect their civilians who give their lives and their sons' and daughters' lives year after year while the government continues to tiptoe around public opinion.

I'm not very wise in the way of politics and I don't really have any solutions to suggest. Actually I do. Just one: Man up Israel. Man up.

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SaraK said...

You said it, girl!