Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Car! A Car! A C-A-R!

My 9 days blogging hiatus is officially over, whew. I'm not sure if I'm more excited to write again or to catch up on all my reading from other bloggers I've missed.

First off I have to say how tremendously grateful I am to The One Above as well as my FIL for ensuring that we had a car almost the whole summer. My in-laws are in the states and my FIL graciously left us the car to use while they are gone. It's been more than a month, and we have used the car to the fullest. 

Granted we've often had to split up (as it's only a five seater), but we've done that great trip to the Canine Unit, the boys went to Park Afula near Be'er Sheva, several library trips, playgrounds, the Mall in Modiin, the movies, the beach, hikes, Yaledudes (water slides), Yerushalayim lots of times, the Kotel, David's Citadel museum, a hike that landed them at Kever Shimshon, the pool at Misilat Tzion, Park Canada, and there is still one more Ulpan trip planned, not to mention the hike to the "Bat Cave" that some of them will do tomorrow. 

And the grocery shopping! Oh, the grocery shopping! There are decent local stores here, but with a car there are so many more options at such better prices. Who would've thought I'd be sitting here extolling the virtues of a car? If nothing else the past year has taught me to be extremely grateful for the small stuff.

I have to say I am beat, I'm sunburned, and I am exhausted beyond belief. I collapse into bed every night like one of the bunch. I'm so happy to have been able to cram it all in and give the kids a sense of fun as well as deepen their appreciation for E"Y even more over the summer. If I've accomplished nothing else, this alone has made it all worth it.


Rachel said...

We were graciously allowed to borrow someone's car for the month and OH MY GOSH what a difference it's made!!! I totally hear ya' and share in the extolling... extalation? Having a car here is *almost* the equivalent of singing angels through parted skies. May we both one day merit the glory of a self-owned set of wheels!

NekudaTova said...

AMEN! What cracks me up is how this "small" thing that we took so much for granted is such a cause for celebration here! It's too funny...
(actually, it's really, really sad, but we'll do the 'half full' thing) :)

SaraK said...

My new roommate has a car, I'm hoping to hitch rides with her to a supermarket OTHER than the expensive one closest to my apartment that doesn't carry everything I need.

Chany said...

My fifteen seater has been in Wateertown for three months now. They can't figure out why it's not working. I hated it, but now I sure appreciate it! Trying to figure out how to travel with a 7 seater and living with ONLY one car for 3 months has taught me to appreciate what I've got, even if it's a bumpy old truck!