Sunday, May 16, 2010

SO, after initially setting up my blog over two years ago, with a one line post of "I did it!", I decided that maybe now with all the changes going on in our lives it was a good time to pick up and start for real. As of right now we are the average out of town frum family with six kids. Ok, maybe average isn't such a good word; as I get older I realize that when it comes to people there is no average.

We originally made Aliyah to E"Y in 2002 and stayed for a short three years. We moved back to the states for what we said would only be a few short years. Suddenly, "a few short years" has become FIVE years, and we are on the road of return to the holy land. The house has been officially listed as of today, the contract as been signed for a rental apartment in Ramat Beit Shemesh (previously our home for the first 3 years), and planning for the lift is well underway.

What spurs me to write again are the feelings of happiness and "coming home" that I am feeling lately. It's a hard thing to communicate to people who aren't moving in Israel, or to family members that have reservations about us going. But these passionate feelings of going HOME are too much to keep in check, so I figured now is the time to write! And, whoever wants to listen to my rants are welcome. If they don't interest you, then, hey...we can still be friends :)


Ezra said...

hey hope you have fun, how much does an apartment go for in Ramat Beit Shemesh? not being nosy just curious.

NekudaTova said...

Ezra, you are making me skip ahead in my loooooooong and drawn out narrative, but the things we looked at were $1100 to $1800 a month...but I didn't look at any thing with less than 4 bedrooms. :)

yael said...

kara, i must tell you. . . i look forward to your posts. i enjoy your excitement over your move, particularly since i don't think i could ever be strong enough to do it myself