Saturday, May 22, 2010

Erev Open House

So, here we are in the wee hours (are there any others anymore?) preceding The Open House.

The stager has given her 2 cents, which somehow add up to $150. As per her advice, we have managed to removed any semblance of human life form from this house:
Laundry baskets? "Oh, no, no, no!!"
Animals? "Ha!"
Garbage cans/pails/bins? "NO!"
All family pics MUST be down and out of sight. Rabbis off the wall. All personal effects packed or chucked. Such a warm and cozy house we now live in...

The painter has painted all that we can paint ($1600) and the floor guy who was ridiculously cheap at $700 has buffed and shined. Target has lovingly provided new throw pillows, mini-blinds and shower curtains for a mere $200. Hours upon hours of cleaning lady, roughly $250.

Moving to Israel: PRICELESS :)


SaraK said...

Good luck selling the house. You are right--Moving to Israel:Priceless

NekudaTova said...

Thanks, I just have to keep reminding myself that all this annoying stuff now is really just to get us back there!