Monday, May 24, 2010

Me and Grubby-Grub

So, with only roughly 5 weeks to go, after our successful "Gold Party" (for our local elementary school, no, not to send the Ws to Israel), I took my loot and decided on a (nother) run to Target. I am trying to hard to embrace the spirituality of moving back to Israel, while at the same time trying to avoid my inner Grubby-Grub who wants only to Run! Purchase! Shop! Grab!

So I make careful and calculated purchases. My cart looked like this: shinguards (for 3 kids starting soccer this week), 2 comforters, shampoo, plastic bins, a RipStik. Everything was going fine until the RipStik. Never, ever, EVER shop with a 7 year old. Or, Just Say No. But, Grubby-Grub ALWAYS says "Yes. Of course! Put it in the cart! We may never, EVER get another chance to buy a RipStik again! What type of life would that be?!?!"

There is also the pre-lift drama where every thought throughout the day goes something like this:

While doing laundry... "Hmm..this detergent sure smells good! Do they have this one in Israel? Should I go buy 435 bottles and put them on the lift? I don't even have a washing machine yet! Yes, but is it cheaper to do that and pay $100/sq. foot for laundry detergent? Am I shallow? Who needs detergent? I know, I'll put Borax on my lift! Borax? Borat?"

And so forth... that is why none of you can reach me, my kids are complaining I am never listening, and why my teeth are constantly clenched. Stress anyone?


Wendy said...

No, sweetie, I'm not stalking you. It just looks that way...

Keep Grubby-Grub away from Michael's. There isn't room in your lift.

NekudaTova said...

Am staying in the house from now on. No more outings. This is crazy and so totally unnecessary!

SaraK said...

I thought the detergent in Israel is formulated better for the water. I wouldn't waste space in a lift for that.

NekudaTova said...

totally, Sara. I am just being crazy. You'd think I never lived there!! BH they really have EVERYTHING. I am just gonna make sure I don't forget any kids, and we'll be good to go :)

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

NK: You can get good smelling TIDE here in Israel, and other decent detergents.

When I sent a lift, I included lots of aluminum foil, since at the time, you couldn't get decent wrap here (and what did I know, it was 20 years ago, today I wouldnt bother).

Whenever we visit the USA, we go into crazy shopping mode, but at the end of the day, there's very little we really need from there; you can get lots here.