Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Gratitude Challenge: Day 4

Today I'm grateful for Facebook. Don't laugh!

If you know me, you know I've been a fan since day one, but besides the entertainment value, there's a lot of good that goes on there. First and foremost, it helps me stay connected with my loved ones. All 265 of them. No, really! Remember, I've made aliyah before, and this is my second time trying to bridge a gap that goes much further than halfway around the globe, and much deeper than the Atlantic ocean. I have to say that although it's still hard, if I didn't have Facebook, I might've very well had a(nother) failed aliyah. For reals. 

For those of you who don't have family overseas, it's hard to know just how hard it is to make those crucial phone calls. The time difference makes it a lot harder than you'd guess. Even if I wait until the kids are in bed so I can steal a few quiet minutes on the phone, I'm usually too tired to make the effort or it's a bad time for my loved ones who are still in the middle of their busy days. But FB lets me see those hourly updates of my nieces and nephews whom I miss terribly. Because of FB, I can chat with, keep up with, and generally stalk my loves. 

So thank you Facebook for bridging the gap. 

I'm also grateful for the positive impact that FB often has. Yes, there is plenty of negative junk too, but if you're mature enough (I always tell my kids they can get a FB account when they're 31-that's when I did!) it can be a great tool for connecting with others on many levels. Take for example my good friend Wendy B. I was so touched that Wendy decided to follow suit and start her own 30 Days of Gratitude after reading about my new challenge. 

Or how about the charity organizations, tehillim groups, and prayer requests? The neighborhood association groups? The "frugal" groups? Or my all time favorite user: "Hashem"? ("So and So shared Hashem's photo" still gets me every time...)

I know that FB still has it's haters. But you've got to admit there's a lot of good to be gained here. And for that I'm grateful.


Miri said...

Today I am grateful for my therapist. Seriously.

Wendy said...

Today I'm grateful for my friend Kara, who read my mind. Now I have the opportunity to think of something else to be grateful for! :P

NekudaTova said...

I hear that Miri! Hang in there...
Wendy, the early blogger...takes all the good ideas.

SaraK said...

I always tell my kids they can get a FB account when they're 31-that's when I did!

LOL. But darlin', you were 29 cuz I joined after your 30th b-day weekend.

And I agree. FB made my aliyah so much easier, before and after.

NekudaTova said...

SaraK! Shhhh!!!

Ok, really I had forgotten :)

29 it is! FB accounts for everyone when they turn 29!