Friday, October 26, 2012

My Gratitude Challenge Day 12

Today I'm grateful for Erev Shabbos. The only real day "off" beside Shabbos, here in Israel, we really start to appreciate Fridays. Much more so than in America, Friday here is actually a day to get out and do things; go out to breakfast, hikes/walks with the kids or just general family time. We've learned to cook most of Shabbos on Thursday night (ideally, not always :), and Friday is a family day. It's nice to work with the kids in the kitchen, or take a group to the grocery store, or just hang out with them. 

TPH and I enjoy our quiet Friday mornings together and usually try and get out in the morning for breakfast, or even just coffee and browsing and the bookstore. In a funny way, it has an almost Shabbos-like quality to it. I still miss my Sundays off, but am starting to really appreciate these Fridays as well. 

Have a great Shabbos!!

One of my (and the kids!) favorites: This must be at least the 3rd or 4th time posting this one here :)


chany said...

I was meaning to ask you, is better w/out a Sunday to entertain the kids, or with a Sunday to have them home and chill? and can you really relax on Friday morning even if everything is cooked? It always seems like there is more to do. set the table, make the salads, clean up, and make another thing...

SaraK said...

I still can't get used to no Sundays. Because I work full time, Thursday night really isn't productive and Friday becomes the only day to get errands done AND cook for Shabbat and clean the apartment. These super short Friday just kill me!