Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Gratitude Challenge: Day 3

Ok, I've got one: 

Today I'm grateful for my work at home job(s)! I would never be able to work out of the house at this point in my life and there are almost too many perks to count. It's not an easy thing, and one really has to be an excellent multitasker or it won't work (and doesn't for many). But today I'm ignoring the difficult aspects and focusing on the positive:

Sending emails from bed. 
Grabbing (quiet!)kisses from my kids while I sit through meetings. 
Setting up appointments from a park bench while my kids play at the playground nearby.
Making my own hours more or less.
Doing conference calls in my jammies.
Pretending like I'm my own boss. 
Washing the floor while I QA.
Running to the store in between meetings.
Being available for drop off and pick up, or bringing lunches or other forgotten items to school.


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SaraK said...

I had a crazy dream last night where I was living without indoor plumbing and I woke up with a profound sense of gratitude for indoor plumbing!