Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Whew, am I behind. I feel like I always have to start with an excuse. It's my blog and I can procrastinate if I want to!

Well, not procrastinating per say, but I have been honestly very, very busy. Got back from the US a week ago, but it's been a week of sending off kiddies to the first week of school, getting used to a new earlier schedule, starting N in gan for the very first time,cleaning and battling jet lag all at once. 

My trip to the states was fantastic. It was so, SO good to see everyone, friends and family both. We (me and B, my trusty travel partner) arrived in Detroit the morning of the wedding and it was awesome to spend time with my family there. The wedding passed in a whirlwind, due mostly to jet-lag and adrenaline battling each other fiercely within me. B was a trooper but insisted in swimming in the hotel pool the day of the wedding rather than sleeping, so by about 9pm he was passed out on a lobby chair. 

The next day we drove back to the R and spent the next week shopping, shopping and visiting friends and family. There is never enough time to spend it with everyone that I love!! :( A highlight was definitely seeing two sets of my grandparents.

The truth is, I was really nervous about the trip. I was worried about going back "home" but the whole experience was exactly what I needed. It lent me a closure that I really, really needed. I left in such a hurry (decided in March to make Aliyah and got on the plane early July) and I never really got to say goodbye properly. After this trip I feel really good. It was great to see everyone, excellent to be there for a family simcha, and even better to just sit and shmooze with everyone. B had a blast reconnecting with his old friends and it was like they had never been apart. 

I won't bore you with the joys of Target, Marshall's and the like. What I can tell you is that B nearly cried tears of joy in the Target and Toys R Us Lego aisles. I got my plethora of gashmiyus in, and I even managed to fill all the empty suitcases that I brought. The best part was when I was checking in at JFK on my way back home and I was 20 lbs overweight. Never before had anyone ever bothered me about being overweight before. They wanted $150 to pay for my overweight bags. I pulled them to the side and started taking out bags and bags of Hershey's. No joke, I stuffed almost 20 lbs of Hershey's chocolate in my carry-on and we were good to go :)

Coming home was amazing. Every time I land in Israel I get weepy. I can't explain it. It's a relief and a gratitude to be home. TPH is really the hero in this whole story; not only did he hold the fort with 5/6 kids, but he took them on trips and did lots of fun stuff with them. I was so glad to see them after being away so long, and it really helped recharge my batteries and give me a whole new appreciation for everyone.

The house was another story. You've heard me complain about how hard it is to keep house here. For some reason the dirt LOVES the houses here and when I don't clean for a couple of days it looks like a crack house in here. I'm serious. Now imagine one excellent husband and 5 cute kids all alone for NINE days...

It wasn't pretty, and I'm still cleaning from it. But no complaints. All in all it was a fantastic trip and I'd do it again anytime soon. Good thing, too. I still have 5 siblings to marry off.

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