Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh my how things have changed...

We're just a few short weeks away from our one year aliyah anniversary, and it's hard to believe it's already been a whole year. It's been a huge year of changes for each and every one of us individually and as a family, and it's hard to convey just how proud I am of each one of my kids for overcoming obstacles that were thrown their way on many different fronts.  

I was looking back at my Six Short Months post, and it strikes me how some things are very different and some things are so very much the same.

A few (VERY) random thoughts and observations:

The kids (most of them) have officially chosen "sandalim" over Crocs this summer.

Very Small Israeli Apartment makes Average Israeli apartment seem like Large Comfortable Almost American Apartment.

"Eww!! Not that ketchup (Heinz)! Don't we have any regular ketchup??"

Beit Shemesh is very, very hot in the summer.

"Imma, what are these lumps on my calves?" (Muscles.)

Chocolate spread IS TOO a food group.

Yom Ha'azmaut is a wonderful and meaningful holiday in the country where it counts.

There are words in Hebrew that my kids know that I don't.

Still missing those dogs, even with the "replacement".

I used to buy tichels (head coverings) to match my shirts. Now I have so many tichels I just buy shirts to match them.

Ulpan has been over since Pesach, so the kids are in the regular classrooms most of the time. They roll their eyes at me just a little when I ask them if they are understanding everything in the classroom.

The last two books I bought at a bookstore (upon request of said masses) were Captain Underpants and The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. In Hebrew.

We are almost unpacked. In our second apartment.

Hiking in the valley where Dovid killed Golaith? Pretty cool.

"Imma, sometimes when I'm in school I forget that I'm listening to Hebrew."

There ARE bugs as big as mice.

One day Yom Tov feels right.

Didn't realize how much we needed a playroom until we had one again.

Still no clothes dryer, starting to forget that it's supposed to be an issue.

Can't get over how much FaceBook has helped me keep in touch with friends and family.

My kids might not be the first ones on the block in bed anymore. Hey, it's HOT outside until after dark!!

There are few things that give me as much pure joy as a clean floor. No joke. 

We LOVE Ramat Shiloh, and tolerate the rest of RBS.

Still missing those friends, but making new ones, too.

Went to our first Hebrew speaking Shabbos meal, and not only lived to tell the tale, but enjoyed ourselves immensely, and I was even able to schmooze!

Don't have my Israeli license yet, but guess it doesn't matter that much since I don't have my Israeli car yet, either.

The Metric System kind of does make sense when you think about it.

Overhearing the kids speak Hebrew among themselves gives me goosebumps. The good kind.

20 "go-go'im" (apricot pits) and an old shoe box can provide hours upon hours of entertainment.

I don't miss those Sundays as much as before, but having school/work 6 days a week makes me appreciate every moment with the kids when we are all home together.

When we get a chance to get out, the first place I still want to go is the Kotel!

More than anything we are so, SO happy to have the zechus of living here, and I hope that never changes.


Adina L said...

I really like this post! I'm so happy that everything worked out so well for all of you!
Looking forward to seeing you in the Holy Land next year!!!!
(Chocolate spread is a meal, if you make it (: )

SaraK said...

I <3 this post! 'Nuff said :)

Susie said...

Every sentence made me say to myself, "Wow, what an experience!" You are having--and will have--such a wonderful life in Israel.

Wendy said...

Go-go'im, huh? Sound right up our alley...

So glad for you and your crew!