Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Go figure

Just sat down today to make some serious calculations. Calculations of the likes that the last time I gave them any thought was exactly 11 years ago.

Around this time 11 years ago we were anxiously anticipating the birth of our second child. We had been blessed less than a year before with our first born son A, and didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl this time around. We would sit alone (two babies ourselves!) after A was down for the night and wonder, is this a boy or a girl? Will we have two boys who are 10 months apart and best friends, or a boy and a girl to complete our perfect little family? Then we started really thinking...well...if it is a girl, since they will be only 10 months apart, we'll have a BAT mitzva before a BAR mitzva! How weird would that be?!

Actually, pretty weird. And in ACTUALITY, very weird.

Fast forward to 2011. KA"H my "baby" boy is almost 12, and my "baby" girl is 11. (That's another trick you pick up over the years with kids that are 10  months apart. For the overlapping two months we say, "Oh! She's 11, and he's almost 12!" As we nudge him encouragingly with extra perky exclamation points in our voices. I can't tell you how much pre-teen mortification this saves. Or so we tell ourselves.)

So, we sat down to just look at the calendar. I know it's early, but we just figured it would be a safe bet to take a look, primarily because J has been asking me 3x a week what her Bat Mitzva will be, where her Bat Mitzva will be, and most importantly, who will play the music?? OH, and because when you have grandparents who are tax accountants, anything in the April/Pesach time of year needs planning equal to getting a space ship to take off.

Then we realized a small but very important detail. N, of the red infamy will have his upsherin (first hair cut) one week to the day before J's Bat Mitzva. Oh, and A's "Bo Ba'yom" is not only April 15th, but the day after Pesach.

Who says the Ws don't have more fun?? :)


SK said...

Yay for W smachot, can't wait to be there for all of the festivities! :)

Rachel said...

Not having sons, I have to ask what's a bo ba'yom?

NekudaTova said...

R: A bo bayom is the actual hebrew birthday...the day that he actually becomes a BEN mitzvos. Ppl. usually have a seuda with a minyan, if there is krias hatorah that day, the boy has an aliyah....