Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What we've been up to

When I am closing in on almost a week between blog posts, it's a real push to get out here and write. For some reason the more time passes between posts, the more I just want to curl up in a ball and never head over to Nekuda Tova at all. I don't know why, that's just how it works.

Let's see...

The kids got their first report cards last week, and I have to admit that I was in tears. HAPPY tears :) The notes that the teachers write to each and every kid are so personal and sweet. The lowest grade out of four kids was a B! Two of them were graded on special dispensation for immigrants, but two were tested at the same level as everyone else in their grade. I couldn't believe it! I was soo proud! We quickly awarded everyone with a pizza "party" on Sunday night, and the feeling around these parts has been all around fantastic. 

I am still fighting the last of that dang flu, which I've been told is normal. I'm just not the same since it hit almost three weeks ago; a lingering cough, no energy and just general blah-ness. It is too, a word.

We are very excited about our upcoming move (I don't think I've ever said those words before!), but the showing of this house has turned out to be really annoying. I know it's not our house, and BAW keeps telling me, "Stop worrying about cleaning up!", but you women know what I mean: I still have SOME self respect!! So, day in and day out strangers (and some not) traipse through our front door while we sit quietly and unobtrusively on the couch trying to stay out of their way. We really don't have to say yes to all the intrusion, but the quicker they find a buyer, the faster we can get out of here. On the plus side, my house has been remarkably clean this week. Our beds are even made. Can you believe that?!

I have started researching  Gan for N for next year, and have our first visit to one tomorrow. All I can think of is, IS ANYONE CAPABLE OF WATCHING HIM???

And in other news, just a couple miles South of here a little country you might of heard of called Egypt is falling to pieces. 

So, that's about it in W news for now...


SaraK said...

I had the flu in November and the cough lingered for a long time, too. I know exactly how you feel.
Yay for great report cards!

Wendy said...

I'm so excited for you guys, across the board!