Monday, January 2, 2012

My New Life as a Working Woman

I cannot count the times I've opened up this blog template and tried to start...something. ANYTHING! But alas, as always, real life comes before pen to paper. Sigh.

I got a job in mid-October and if you'll notice, it's just about the same time I stopped writing. Recently during one hectic morning while I was putting in a load of laundry, I was trying to explain (to the child gagging on toothpaste) what a "necessary evil" is. Well, this job is one. I'm pretty sure all jobs are necessary evils. Necessary, but evil nonetheless.

On the "pro" side, I get to chose my own hours and work from home. On the "con" side, well...I get to choose my own hours and work from home. I never understood when people who work from home complain how hard it is. Puleeze. It's the perfect balance, I thought. Type a few things on the computer, throw in a load of laundry, make a few calls, do some dishes, right?

Wrong. Oh so wrong. Maybe it's because this job involves all sorts of deadlines and pressure and people waiting on me, and me pressuring people, but to say the least it's been a stressful transition for everyone. It's hard to know when to step away from the computer and do what absolutely has to get done at home. It's also hard not to answer those phone calls when I know someone needs something from me at work. I have to often remind myself that 7 people also need something from me here, too.

It's also hard not to play hooky once in a while and head out with TPH for breakfast or to take one child out of school for some one on one time when I really should be working.

And it's REALLY hard not to feel like a shmatta all the time :( My migraines have increased three-fold at least, I never get out to walk or exercise anymore and my house looks like a tornado hit. Because I work both opposite and Israeli office and an American office, I don't get to bed before 1am and it shows. I tried starving everyone the first few weeks but that didn't go over too well, so I did start making supper again recently. Like all beginnings it was hard. But like always, we get over it and move on and keep on movin'.

On the positive side, the people I work for are wonderful, and to show their thanks for my hard work, they treated me and TPH to a shabbos up North in one of these hotel/resort places near the ocean. It was a perfect chance to recharge our batteries (even though N joined us :) and we had a really nice time. But here I am again, deadlines to meet, phone calls to make, dishes to wash and laundry to fold! Perfect balance indeed.

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