Monday, October 3, 2011

Very, Very, VERY Terrible Twos

Wow. I'm slowly losing it over here. 

N has literally yelled and screamed and thrown a fit for the ENTIRE day, giving me a short break only when he took a nice long nap. Any kids yelling and screaming are annoying...but imagine the entire day...for almost a full week. 

He's been sick on and off for six weeks, and to me that just seems too long. There's been nothing concrete to actually be able to treat with antibiotics, and if I hear the word "virus" again, I might possibly lose it. I even took him for a blood and urine test and am awaiting the results, but the doctors keep telling me not to worry, it's just taking him an extra long time to adjust to being in school with all the new germs...but it's easy for them to say. They don't have to deal with him being off the handle in crazy mode all day long. 

Rosh Hashana was a disaster. Everytime BAW left the house he'd cry inconsolably for 2-3 hours straight. Yes, seriously. No joke.I tried everything. The only time that he's mildly happy is when we're outside, and even then lately he's been kvetchy or fighting with other kids. One afternoon he screamed and screamed until I brought him outside, only to sit curled up on my lap for an hour. Any time I made any motion to come inside he started up again. 

The other kids are constantly on edge. I have zero patience for any of the rest of them, and by the evenings when I'm needed most for dinner, homework and bedtime I'm a basket case. BAW who is the most patient person on the planet, no, the universe is slowly becoming unraveled. 

Any ideas? Suggestions? The only thing that keeps coming back to haunt me is that my in-laws have always had this "funny" story about TPH and how he screamed the entire year from age 2 to age 3. I never paid much attention to that story thinking that it must be an exaggeration, because how is that even possible? But guess what? I'm starting to think it might be very possible indeed...

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Yael said...

My suggestion: Think about having 2 of them. :-)