Monday, October 31, 2011

More Missiles from Gaza

It's been one of those days where we've been perched on the edge of our chairs, obsessively checking iPhones and laptops to get a glimpse of the latest news: 

Since Saturday, over 35 missiles have been fired from Gaza into Southern Israel killing one and injuring 16 others. Dozens of others have been admitted to hospital for treatment of stress and anxiety. I believe it. 

I just got a text from my 16 year old brother who is in a dorm yeshiva in Be'er Sheva that the siren went off and they made it to the shelter before they heard the "booms" of the missiles landing. It's not a text that you wish for and it kind of makes your anxiety level move from a 2 to a 348. He seems ok, in his words "I'm ok, a little freaked out, but I'm fine."

BBILW (Big Brother In Law W) was ready to jump in the car and go pick him up, but S insists that if he comes out here he'll come tomorrow. I even called my mother who doesn't want either I or BAW driving out there now to go get him, as she's nervous of the risks of traveling there at night. 

So what do you do? You sit tight, and you remind yourself to stop clenching your teeth when you realize your jaws are sore. You try (unsuccessfully) not to let your own kids see how distracted and nervous you are. You don't sleep well (last night was terrible) and you try and keep your head up and your mind clear and focused. And you daven. 

Oh boy do you pray.

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