Sunday, December 19, 2010

FaceBook Privacy or Lack Thereof...

There's been lots of talk of late of FB's privacy policies and the like. 

I spent some time this past shabbos getting informed by a friend about their new policies, specifically involving photos. News to me is that once your photos are posted (and even if you delete them!) all photos are property of FaceBook. I have at present, 152 albums (not photos, ALBUMS!) on FB. And it has started to make me nervous. 

There are things that I LOVE about FB: being in touch on a daily basis with friends I would've otherwise had nothing to do with in the past 20 years, being able to share life with close friends and family, even though I am half a globe's distance away from them. But all of this privacy business has been giving even me, one of FB's biggest promoters a moment's pause. 

I'll be the first to admit that I use some of FB's features and it keeps me and my "friends" out of trouble. The HIDE feature allows me to block incoming updates from "friends" whose language is more than desirable, whose postings are blantantly boring and inane or whose shabbos menus are just making me want to shoot myself. Don't worry, I'm not feeling THAT snobby, I'm sure plenty of people block me, too! I mean, really, how many updates a week can you read about a crazy 2 year old?

This is not the first time I have been disenchanted with the big blue network. I have seen (and been involved in!) senseless fights, hurt families and friends, loshon hara and sinas chinam. I have also seen new friendships formed, old ones mended, a spreading of Torah and tremendous Kiddush Hashem. Over the years I have been struggling hard to stay on this side of the fence, and to convince others to do the same. And yes, it's been a struggle.

So, while I am still holding strong and posting daily, my faith in FB is starting to waver just a teeny bit.

 Maybe it'll get me back to more  blogging....

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SaraK said...

I love being in touch with you over FB! But I hear your privacy concerns.