Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Darndest 2

"R! It's time to get dressed."
"R!! Please answer me when I'm talking to you!"
"My name is not R. My name is Black Chest."


"Black Chest? Why Black Chest?"
"You know, like a pirate."
"You mean, like Black Beard?"
"Exactly, but I don't have a beard, so I'm Black Chest."


Or later the same day, on a walk with B to the merkaz he says to me, "I'm having a vision."
Startled, I reply, "Wow, a vision of what exactly?"
"You know, where you divide one number by another: A Vision."

Along the same lines last week he came home from school and told me his test was on "Divination".
"You know, multiplication, divination."

And so begins the long slow dance of forgetting our English...


Wendy said...

You, O Laptopless One, are an inspiration. As are your heilige kinder.

Carolyn said...

Too funny! LOL so hard I'm crying! :)


NekudaTova said...

Thanks guys :) And Carolyn, I could not make up this stuff if I tried!!

SaraK said...

Seriously! You could be a writer for the Israeli version of Modern Family (which is a show you should totally be watching if you are not already)